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Quiz championship winners are Livinthedream

After twenty weeks the Larne Motor Club Stay at Home Quiz Championship has ended. As the Coronavirus pandemic reached Northern Ireland, everyone was told to stay at home to help the NHS against their battle against COVID-19. Larne Motor Club's Jonathan decided to become a quiz host for everyone who was staying at home.

A simple six round format was available for anyone via the club's Facebook page, live from his garage every Monday evening at 20:00. The initial turnout was fantastic with over 50 households taking part in the free quiz.

After the first week the Mann Motorsport team led the way and it was suggested popular quiz should be made into a championship for everyone since there was no Motorsport championships happening.

Mann Motorsport only made one round and was quickly knocked off the top spot. Quiz teams were from various families across the country and the interaction made the quiz host become more settled and the relaxed format created a lot of laughs. Team Rally Mamma was the next to lead the way in the championship after several super scores. However it was the Co.Down family quiz team Livinthedream who quickly set the pace and after Rally Mamma retired from the championship, Livinthedream held the lead right until the end.

However it wasn't plain sailing for Livinthedream as the Larne Motor Club team, Wu Han Clan Quiz team chased them all the way until week 19. The score difference between the two teams changed very little over the weeks but the Wu Han Clan Quiz team managed to get the gap down to only 6 points with two rounds to go. Week 19 was missed by the Wu Han Clan team which saw them drop down to fourth place in the end.

The other close battles were between Last Place Racing and McKee Motorsport who traded third and fourth place regularly but after week 19 they moved up into the medal positions. The final quiz saw the spotlight shine on these two teams as McKee Motorsport only needed 9 points to catch Last Place Racing. However it just wasn't to be as the stamina from the Last Place Racing team was enough to hold onto second place.

As life for many started to get back to a new normal and many quizzers not able to take part anymore, it seemed the right time to end the championship and take a break. Jonathan would like to thank every one who tuned in to join him from the garage, his daughter for her assistance. They enjoyed every night of fun but would like to say it is just a break. The Garage Quiz studio will be coming LIVE again in 2020. Stay safe everyone.

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