Laharna Lanes Rally

01 October 2022


Event Regulations

Regulations for Laharna Lanes Rally can be downloaded here

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Entry via Rallyscore from 02 September 2021


Event results

Results will appear during the event

The event is a Targa rally with special tests.  The fun part of the event will be the tests based on farm lanes.   

Tests are run on private lanes or yards, with mixture of tarmac, concrete, gravel, mud and grass.  Approximately 20 tests will be competed on during the day with cars starting at one minute intervals and must stop astride the finish line (same finish procedure as Autotests).

Bogey times are set at 30mph average, so there are some measures to try make sure they are not beaten, these include; chicanes, slaloms, and the occasional 360.

The test information will be given in the form of diagrams from aerial photos, tulips, enlarged diagrams, and other information.  All pylons used in the tests will be identified and detailed in any diagrams.  Basically, you will be given all the information needed to allow the crew to navigate their way through the test.  The tests are planned to ensure a team effort is required, but are not designed to be confusing.  The navigation will be simple and set to an easy schedule.