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Monday Night Quiz Championship getting tight.

After sixteen weeks, our Stay at Home Quiz continues to be tight at the top. The simple fun Monday night quiz whilst suitable for all has proved difficult to separate the top two quiz teams. The championship leading team has held the top spot since week five after Rally Mammy was no longer able to play. The top five of the championship was very tight but the stamina of both #livinthedream and Wu-Han Clan Quiz team has proved to be too much for the chasing pack as the championship becomes a two team race.

After sixteen weeks the two teams have taken points off each other but with the gap not closing much however the Wu-Han Clan Quiz team has been slowly chipping away at #livingthedream's narrow lead and has now closed the gap to only 6.5 points, so it's all to play for.

The battle for third place is also heating up with Last Place Racing and McKee Motorsport stretching away from Team Earney who looks to have fifth place cemented. However if this championship has proven over the past sixteen weeks if you miss a week it has devastating consequences to the overall scores.

The teams lower down the leaderboard have also a lot to play for as taking that next place up the table has proven to give a lot of bragging rights and banter.

Remember to join in the Monday Night Quiz, LIVE from The Garage on our Facebook page from 20:00.

It's a fun way to pass an hour with family and friends, with simple questions suitable for everyone.

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