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Marshals vote Roger as the best.

Larne Motor Club were presented with two new awards for Cairncastle Hill Climb this year. The first was presented by the McNinch family. The beautiful silver plate is in memory of Billy McNinch, one of Larne Motor Club's original members. Billy always loved to visit his local event and we were delighted to have received the award in his memory.

Larne Motor Club decided that the award winner would be decided by the volunteers who stand up the hill for the safety of all the competitors. Towards the end of the final timed run, the marshals were asked to cast their vote for their favourite driver of the weekend. As the votes began arriving there was a landslide winner. The maiden winner of The Billy McNinch Award was Roger Gage for his entertainment the whole way up the mighty Cairncastle hill in his Peugeot 205.

The next new award was presented by a great supporter of Cairncastle Hill Climb. David Gibson who is currently on a sabbatical from Motorsport. Well known for competing in his Ford Escort, David is currently taking the time to build the strength of his arms to come back to Cairncastle and wrestle his Escort to record breaking times.

The "Over the Top" trophy is another award voted for by the marshals. The criteria was for the driver judged to have the most speed, determination and excitement of the the final section of the hill. Throwing their names in the debate were Chris Nelson in his Speedcar GTR and Colin McDowell in his historic Morris Mini. However after some deliberation the judges awarded the new trophy to the man who uses every piece of tarmac and perhaps more, Roger Gage. Winning these two new awards can only increase the membership of the Roger Gage Fan Club.

LMC Chairman Paddy Haveron presenting Roger Gage with the two new awards

Everyone at Larne Motor Club would like to thank all the marshals for their help over the weekend of our Cairncastle Hill Climb and for their participation in the new awards.

Thanks to Gus Geddes and Stuart Harper for the two action shots of Roger.

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