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Alistair reaches 30 years.

Today, Larne Motor Club member Alistair Carmichael reaches an amazing 30 years as a firefighter with the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service.

Alistair joined Larne Motor Club after helping marshal at our Cairncastle Hill Climb. He was quickly called upon to put his skills into practice as Hill Climb competitor Nigel Kinnaird was involved in a serious on track accident. It was undoubtedly because of Alistair's quick and heroic actions, Nigel was rescued from his car that day.

He has since settled within Larne Motor Club as someone who we all respect and he is a real asset to Larne Motor Club and N.Ireland motorsport.

Everyone within the club would like to congratulate Alistair on thirty years, we're proud to have you as a friend.

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