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A return of Autotest? Hope for the best!

Larne Motor Club are due to host the McMillan Specialist Cars Northern Ireland Autotest Championship on the 24th April.

George McMillan, Championship sponsor in his Nova.

Under the current steps of the N.Ireland Executive COVID guidance, Motorsport is not yet allowed to return. The next announcement is due around 15th April so we are planning the event as if we will be allowed to spin our wheels once again.

The current situation of the event planning is as follows:

  • TTS is the event venue

  • Entries will be opened on Rallyscore from 1st April

  • No entry fee is to be paid until event is confirmed as a go.

  • Only online payments will be accepted

  • Event may be cancelled after N.I Executive announcement

  • Social distancing is enforced

Robin Lyons winner of The Return of the Handbrake Turn Autotest

We hope that we will be able get the event completed and that you have patience as we're sure you will understand the situation is very fluid.

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