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Return of the Handbrake Turn Autotest

After the recent low key Autotest success, Larne Motor Club have decided to organise another socially distanced Autotest. In association with McMillan Specialist Cars and Transport Training Services, Larne Motor Club are using the date vacated by this year's Laharna Lanes Rally. As a result of the coronavirus the popular “Larne Lanes” event was postponed. The Autotest plan is driven by Larne member Derek Dixon who will be taking on the role of Clerk of the Course for his first time. Derek is being supported by the Larne club other members of the Northern Ireland Autotest family. The event will mirror the McMillan Specialist Cars Northern Ireland Autotest Championship which was also a casualty of the pandemic.

Derek told the Larne MC website that he is excited to be organising the event and hopes that competitors of all skill levels can come out to compete once again in 2020. The event planning is in its early stages but already the word and excitement is spreading. To allow for social distancing the event documentation will be all online (including sign on and scrutineering), there will be no time cards to pass between hands thanks to a new timing app. The biggest change however is that there will be no dual entries allowed at the event and no spectators.

Spectators will be able to follow the event online during the day via Facebook live and the timing app. Larne Motor Club would like to thank TTS, McMillan Specialist Cars for their support and look forward to meeting up with a competitors once again. Entries will open this Saturday evening at 7p.m on Rallyscore. Further event information will appear on the club website Autotest Championship page soon.

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