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Let's Start

In May 1954, 30 Larne motoring enthusiasts gathered at the King’s Arms Hotel to form a car club in the district. The formal proposal was made by JB Wylie and seconded by C Ross Jun. A committee was elected to draw up rules for consideration at a general meeting. The committee consisted of the following: RGC Burke Hon Sec, J Frame Hon Treasurer, JK McNinch, W McK Gawn, A Morris, C Ross Jun, J Hewitt, and W Clarke.

The Club would cater for the interests of the ordinary motorist with the family car. In the summer, tours and non damaging trials would be organised and in the winter film shows, lectures and social evenings would be held. The Club sought registration with the RAC.

The first event was a navigation run held on Friday July 16th starting at the Fair Hill and finishing at McNeill’s hotel.

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