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What is an Autotest?

Autotest is all about car control. The challenge is to negotiate as quickly as possible a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any markers.  While you will rarely venture out of first and reverse gears, you will need to get the hang of handbrake turns, J-turns and the like – unless you want to spend all day doing three-point turns and coming last, that is!

N.I Championship vs Challenge

The N.I Autotest Championship is the pinnacle of the sport. The drivers are the best of the best in Autotesting. The variety of cars and level of driver skill is a spectacle not to be missed.

The N.I Autotest Challenge is designed for people interested in Autotesting. The tests are simpler than that of the championship. You can obtain experience and guidance from those at the championship level which can help you reach the higher championship level.


Autotest The Junction

Autotest Championship: Image
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Autotest Championship: Image
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